Tune in Tuesday #1

Anyone who knows me will attest that music is a big part of who I am.  I love music and I love how Christian music gets stuck in my head and many times is what gets me through the yucky stuff. 

Because of my love for music, I thought as part of my “new and improved” blog I would start a weekly thing called “Tune in Tuesday” in which I will share something musical with you.  Maybe it will be a video by one of my fav singers, or just the lyrics to a song that I find powerful, or maybe some story of how music has changed me … but Tuesdays will be all about the music 🙂

Let’s begin shall we!? 

Today’s video is “Everything Good” by Ashes Remain.  From the very first line … “you are oxygen” … until the end of the song I am stunned.  The song just continues to get better and better until at the end I find myself in heartfelt worship to God.  I love love love this song because it reminds me that God is everything good … even when I am hurting, struggling, and so overwhelmed that I just don’t know what to do next. 

Have any of you experienced that?  Come on, be honest!  Have you ever been in a storm?  The type of storm where you want to pray but you just feel so alone and hurting that you just don’t think you can? 

Yep, my friends, I’ve been there and done that right along with you!.  You are not alone!  And it’s during those stormy days where this song … besides scripture [which is Fuel for My Soul, another song I’ll be sharing] … is a real pick me upper.  

Check out a video of this song I found on Youtube: 

I also watched a video here by Josh Smith, the lead singer for Ashes Remain.  It’s well worth watching this video as well.  It allows you to get a glimpse of the man behind the song.  To know a bit of his heart and why he chose the song.

FYI:  If you want to read about what he is refering to when he talks about Paul & Silas and the prison doors flying open you can find it here in Acts 16:25-34.

FYI Again:  If you want to hear more of their music check them out here.

And FYI the last time:  You can buy their music here.

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