Valentine, You’re the Bomb!

As the days on my calendar get checked off much faster than I would like … I realize that Valentine’s Day is not far away.  With that being said this OCD mama better get cracking on her son’s Valentines for his class.

Knowing that my Martha Stewart / Craftaholic mentality won’t allow just any Valentine to be given … my son and I set out to surf Pinterest [which has now topped the #1 spot on my husband’s pet peeve list, ha!]. 

We narrowed it down to these two ideas:

The first was this cute idea that would be easy to do in Photoshop.  I just love love love this idea I tell ya!  Love it!  You can find it here

The second was this cute thing found here.  Looked like something I could handle and it involved candy so of course the kids would be happy too!

So, friends, which do you think son-of-mine chose??  Yep.  The bomb.  Leave it to a boy to choose the things that cause explosions!  But, they are HIS valentines for his class … soooooo … bombs it is.

However, let it be known [in case you don’t know me] that I am cheap!  And there was no way I was going to buy 51 rolls of Rolo Candy in order to make it exactly as the image shows.  Who am I?  Mrs. Donald Trump? 

So, I got creative 🙂

My original idea was to use my Silhouette machine [insert deep love and affection here … I LOVE my Silhouette], but I knew I wanted to work on them this weekend and I would not be home … so I went all old school.

Here is what we used:  [would be great to put a picture here but I totally forgot to take one … so please just use your imagination] We used computer printer, Creative Memories circle cutters, Fiskars personal paper trimmer, rolls of life saver candy, red paper, white paper, pipe cleaners, a single hole punch and scotch tape.

First step was to use Microsoft Publisher to design the red wrap-arounds.  I suppose you could just cut rectangles of red paper and do that but as I said, I’m a tad OCD and wanted the word DYNAMITE to be written on them.  It ended up looking like this:

I again used Publisher to design the circle gift tags.  Didn’t take long at all.  As for the picture I used, I surfed the web and found this image that I liked.  I just copied/pasted it into my document and voila done!  This is what I ended up with:

Next up, cutting everything out.  The personal trimmer was used to cut out the “dynamite” pages and the Creative Memories circle cutters worked great on the gift tags.  I also punched a single hole in the circle gift tags as well. 

Then it was easy and quick to just wrap the red papers around the life savers rolls, tape it closed, tape a pipe cleaner fuse, use the rest of the pipe cleaner to tie the gift tag on … and done! 

Now all my son has to do is write his classmate names on the back of the gift tags.  Wouldn’t Martha Stewart be proud 🙂

Be sure to check back soon because I’ll also be showing you what we did for his teacher’s gift … let’s just say chocolate will be involved!  Ooooooh …. yummy!

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