This and That Soup

Mama always says … don’t throw your veggies away!  And I always listens to my mama … well, at least I do now as an adult [we’ll just overlook the first 27 or so years of my life 🙂 ]

What my mama meant was don’t get rid of your leftover veggies.  You know the one, maybe two, spoonfuls that are sometimes left in the pot after dinner.  It’s not enough to save for tomorrow but too much to throw away and sleep peaceful at night.  Those are the ones that mama says to save.  And tha’ts what I do!

When dinner is over I scoop up the leftovers and put them into an old empty peanut butter jar.  Sometimes I get daring and even put some leftover rice in that jar too!  Then I stick the jar in the freezer … and keep doing this until my jar is plumb full of veggies [all sorts and all types] and then I make me some “This and That Soup”.

What you will need:

Truthfully, the ingredients change all the time because it just depends on what is in my pantry [thus the “this and that” title].  But for this batch I used my jar of frozen veggies, a can of mushrooms, some barley, some beef broth, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of Great Northern Beans, [and not pictured] some fresh cabbage, fresh spinach, salt, pepper, and basil.

The directions are simple.  Let your veggies thaw out.  Drain & rinse your canned beans before you dump them in.  I just personally find it tastes better if they are rinsed.  Then dump the rest of all your goodies into the pot and stir it up real good like.

Let it simmer for one hour.  Then sprinkle some taco seasoning mix and some dry ranch seasoning mix into the pot.  The amount depends on your personal taste.  I suppose if you want meat in your soup you can add it now but for this soup I prefer it to be meatless. 


Let it simmer for another hour … and then it’s done! 

Mmmmm, smells so good. 

Now, you can serve it for dinner if you’d like with some fresh bread and butter … but if you have boys at your house like I do at mine … they would rather eat road kill than anything veggie related.  So instead of torturing them with anything healthy 🙂 I scoop my soup into individual bowls and freeze them.  That way I have about 7-8 lunches good to go for myself on those busy mornings when I need to get out the door for work and realize … “Oh man, I fogot about my own lunch!” [happens more than you may realize!]

And there you have it.  All easy like.  And all yummy like too.  Well, yummy depends on your personal preference I guess. 

So, inquiring minds want to know … what leftover tricks do you have up your sleeves??  Be sure to comment below your great ideas. 

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2 thoughts on “This and That Soup

  1. Jessie

    This is Great! I saved some peas tonight so I can start my jar to try it. The only thing I make on a regular basis with left overs is bread pudding. My kids beg for it. I through stale bread or the ends in the freezer till I have enough to make it. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Oh, I’d love to have your recipe for bread pudding! I always just end up throwing the bread away. Now I can freeze that too!

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