You Say it’s Your Birthday …


I receive many requests for ideas of what do I put in this box.  You can check out what we did for the last 3 years here:  Birthday Box 1 / Birthday Box 2 / Birthday Box 3


*Original Post Now Begins *

Well then, let’s celebrate!

This month is my son’s birthday.  Last year we started this “new thing” with him that I saw in Family Fun Magazine.  Well, I saw the idea in Family Fun and then I tweaked it to fit our needs.

It’s called “The Birthday Countdown Box” and it looks like this:

The idea is that for one month leading up to their birthday there is something “fun” for them … maybe ice cream, maybe a game night, maybe a chance to skip school, etc.  But something special each day to help countdown the days.

Last year it was a big hit.  He loved it.  In fact, he loved it so much that about 3 days into this month [his birthday month] he said, “Mom, where’s my birthday box?”

“DOH!”  Totally forgot about that thing … Man, what kind of mom am I?  Geesh.

So, I got out the box [luckily I saved it from last year] … changed the “innards” to say things more suitable for this year … and instead of one month before his birthday we’ll just do two weeks … yeah, that’s the ticket.  That will work.

Hey, something is better than nuttin’, right??!!

Anyhoo, I was not blogging when I did the original box so I thought I would post it for you this year.  You know, so you can make your very own Birthday Box for your kids too.

What I used [because quite frankly every box can be quite different] was a box I had leftover from scrapbooking doo-dads.  I honestly don’t remember what was in this box but just that when it was empty it was too pretty to throw away and so I kept it.  But you can use any box and just cover it with pretty papers and such.

For the Happy Birthday lettering I used my Silhouette SD.  I absolutely LOVE that thing in case I have not told you that [thanks Brit for getting me hooked :)].

The inside of the box looks like this:

Inside the box are tiny file folder type of things.  Again, used my Silhouette SD to cut them out.  However, if you don’t have a Silhouette SD then you could just use index cards and those cute stick on tab dividers just the same.

I wrote the numerical date on each tab and inked the edges just because I like ink and I like how the ink looks.   You don’t have to ink the edges unlessin you wants to.

Now, theoretically he would start with ONE and end with TWENTY-SEVEN [the day of his birthday] but loser mom forgot about this box this year so he’ll start with ELEVEN and end with TWENTY-SEVEN … but you get the idea, right?!

If you were to take the file folder tabby things out of the box this is what they would look like:

Each divider has a pocket on it [the pink thing] again cut out with my Silhouette SD.  On each pocket are various birthday designs [again, the Silhouette].  If you don’t have a Silhouette I’ve seen these pocket things in office supply stores.  And then you could use stickers to deocrate it with.  Or even have your kids color them if you wanted.  It’s YOUR box after all.

Inside each pocket is where the fun goes!  For these I just typed all my ideas in a WORD business card template then printed on pretty paper and cut it all out.

It really was alot easier to do than I make it sound here.  And so worth it when I watch his happy face each day.  If you want to know what ideas I used for his fun treats this year you can see the document here.

So try it … and let me know how your box ends up.  Or better yet, what fun birthday traditions do you guys do?  Be sure to comment below.

I’m joining this fun party today:

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2 thoughts on “You Say it’s Your Birthday …

  1. This is an amazing idea.. Love it! So much special for a loved one.. 🙂
    Thanks for linking up!

    P.s: I wanted to follow you on google+ but the link is not taking me to your profile and I am following your pins now..
    Happy valentines day

    • Did we ever get the google plus to work? I played around with it again and I think it’s fixed now. LOVE following you on google plus!

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