And the TROPHY goes to …

Have you ever heard of Fantasy Football?  Who hasn’t right? 

In my household football is HUGE … and Fantasy Football, well, let’s just say that between my husband and my son our household participates in like 20+ teams each year.

I have lost count as to how many conversations around our dinner table revolve around this player doing that and the other player gaining them points and that player having  bad week and costing them points … all while I sit there until I finally ask, “What on earth does it matter??” … to which I get blank stares like I’m the one with the three heads!

So this past fall I decided that if I couldn’t get them to MY side then I would cross over to theirs … Yep, friend, I joined them in the Fantasy Football realm.  And because I refused to be the only girl stumbling around trying to figure out what the heck a wide receiver is and why is a quarterback even important in the first place … I enlisted others to join me.  Actually, I BEGGED others to join me until they finally felt sorry enough for me and jumped in. 

So we created the “Rad Mustangs League” in Yahoo’s Fantasy Football.  There were 10 of us in the league.  Well, 9 humans and because Yahoo makes you have 10 teams minimum we enlisted one team to be made up of our dogs. 

*side note here* The dogs BEAT me!  I kid you not!  Try showing your face in this family now 🙂

Anyhoo, no league is legit unless there is a trophy for the winner, right?  I mean, everyone gets a trophy at the end of their seasons.  I was bound and determined we would NOT be different.  I mean, if you’re gonna do something then do it right!!

Finally, something for me to look forward to in football … I get to go all Martha Stewart like and make a trophy!!  Yeah baby!  Now we’re talking!!

May I proudly present the Rad Mustangs League Fantasy Football Trophy:

And today, my friends, I’m sharing with you a tutorial on how we made our trophy so that you can make your own too!

The idea is that this was not a one time competition.  This league will compete year after year against each other.  So the trophy needs to be able to be passed down from person to person and year after year.

After my hubby and I walked around Hobby Lobby for awhile [yes, believe it or not, even he was excited enough about  a trophy to go to Hobby Lobby!  Miracles do happen folks!]  As I was saying, after walking around Hobby Lobby we decided on the following items to create our trophy:

Terra Cotta Pots (4″), Terra Cotta Tray (8″), Wooden Star on a Stick, Wooden Fancy Handles, Silver Spray Paint, Black Spray Paint, Triple Coat Clear Spray Paint, Brown Scrapbooking Paper, White Scrapbooking Paper, Red Acrylic Paint, Super Duper Strong Craft Glue [I can’t remember the name], and Foam Brushes.

Step One:  Glue one terra cotta pot UPSIDE down into the terra cotta tray.

Step Two:  Glue the second terra cotta pot RIGHT SIDE UP on top of the bottom of the terra cotta pot that is attached to the tray [confused?  see the pictures below].

Step Three:  The HARDEST part!  This took me … … folks!  The wooden handles were so thin that I had a hard time getting them to stick to the terra cotta pot.  So, after many mumblings under my breath … and many thoughts that do we really need a trophy … and thinking who’s stupid idea was this anyways … I figured out how to get the handles to stay.

Using painters tape [because I figured it would unstick the easiest without ripping the handles off when dry] and odds and ends I found laying around I created a “sling” of sorts around the handles and the base.  [confused again?  See the picture below]

After getting it all set I let it sit there for a VERY long time.

Yes, that is my dining room table you see. Yes, I made my family eat dinner on TV trays that night.  I was not taking a chance on moving this thing until I knew it was DRY!

After about 4 hours I did move it to another room.  Then I let it sit undistrubed for another 5 days!  When the next weekend rolled around I carefully peeled the painters tape off and to my joy and elation the handles stayed on!

Next up, painting!

To begin the painting process I used painters tape and a grocery bag to cover the bottom terra cotta tray.  Then I spray painted the whole thing silver. 

Let it dry for a few days.  Then remove the grocery bag and using a new grocery bag and painters tape cover the top portion of the trophy.  Paint the bottom portion black.

Again, let it dry for a few days.  Once that is done it just needs the final touches.

I used my Silhouette SD and vinyl to make the letters for the trophy.  Then after I positioned all the letters I used Triple Coat Clear Sealant spray over the entire trophy to seal everything in.

I used red acryllic paint on the star.  I printed the name of the winning team on printer painter and then used Modge Podge to attach the winning team label.

I used my Silhouette SD to make the tiny footballs to fill the pot.  Slid the star through the hole in the two pots … and the trophy was complete!

And … who was the winner you might ask … NOT my husband, tee hee.  NOT my son either.  We already know it wasn’t me as even the dogs beat me … but the winner was …


Yep, my mother-in-law kicked booty folks!!  She came in first place above 3 other girls, FIVE boys, and a pack of dogs!  Does she rock or what??

You know, let me just brag a minute.  I’ve heard the war stories about mothers-in-law.  I don’t have those.  You see, my MIL is not your average MIL.  She not only rocks in football but she’s also a HUGE Nascar fan, drives a super fast car that even guys envy, and she’s even the manager of, and best friends to, a World Travelling Moose with his own line of beauty products and blog!

I say “You go girl” and “Power to the Chicas” … but don’t get too attached to that trophy MeeMaw … it’s MINE next year 🙂

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6 thoughts on “And the TROPHY goes to …

  1. Jessie

    That trophy is so cool! Your so smart to come up with that!

  2. No the trophy will be mine. Oh yeah!

  3. such a cute and clever idea!

  4. That is great go Mee Maw thanks for linking up to the blog hop I hope you will be back tomorrow for I freakin did it Friday

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