Angry Birds Cupcakes

Today is my son’s birthday.  And as any “Martha Stewart mom” would do, I sent in cupcakes to his class.   But I couldn’t just send in ANY cupcakes.  How would I sleep at night if I just sent in plain cupcakes?  I mean, really?!

So we decided on Angry Birds cupcakes.  I’m assuming you have all heard of the Angry Birds.  I mean, these creatures are EVERYWHERE folks … and my son as seen to it that his cupcakes will be no different.

Actually, these cupcakes were not that difficult to make.  Not difficult as in the steps were easy … but they were very difficult in the time consuming way. 

The things we moms will do for our kids.

First step was to make the cupcakes.  I kept this part simple and just used a boxed mix.  However, would someone who understands patent laws please find a way to create and patent cupcake liners that have a dark line around 2/3 full please?  That would make it so much better for us “non-bakers”.  As you can see I never did really get it quite right.  Some were too full and some were not full enough. 

But it’s amazing how frosting will fix everything!

Next up was the fondant.  While the cupcakes were baking I used this recipe to make my own marshmallow fondant.  This was EASY and it tasted oh so yummy! 

Unfortunately, my hands were so sticky and gooey that I dare not touch my camera to take a picture.  Just pretend this is me, because it really did look like this.  [source of picture]

The the cupcakes were done baking, and were cooling on wire racks. 

While they were cooling I used this recipe to make my own buttercream frosting.  I thought it would color better than store bought, otherwise I would never venture out into making my own frosting.  Usually my motto is “Why reinvent the wheel?”. 

But I do think it was the right thing to do this time.  The frosting was easy to make (as the recipe says) and by using Wilton Color Gels I believe the colors came out very bright and nice!

Now, my original idea was to use this image I found on Pinterest as my guide. 

However, my son decided he wanted the black bird instead of the yellow one “because the black bird is just cooler, mom”. 

Ugh.  I have no idea what the black bird looks like … now to go surf the web.  Found a picture of the black bird here.

“Son of mine, what is that thing sticking out of his head?  He has something sticking out his head” … “Duh, mom, he’s a bomb!  He’s cool!  That thing makes the bomb blow up”

Oy, are you kidding me?  Now I have to figure out how to make a fuse??  When will this day end??

So, now my cupcakes are cooled, my fondant is made, and my frosting is all set to go.  I get to work in turning these lumps of brown cake into some form resembling an angry bird.

I start with the frosting.  Using my Pampered Chef spreader [which I could not live without] I frost the cupcakes … 8 red, 8 blue, and 8 black.

Now I roll out my fondant and using a tiny circle cutter I cut out 16 circles and place them on the cupcakes toward the bottom [for the bellies].  However, hind sight, it would have been cheaper and easier to just use kitchen shears to cut large marshmallows into thirds.  Same size and same idea with less work!

Next, mini marshmallows were cut in half for the eyes.  I pressed a mini chocolate chip in the center of each one for the pupil.

For the beaks I used orange slices and cut random triangle shapes using my kitchen shears.

For the angry eyebrows the idea was to use black rope licorace.  Couldn’t find it ANYWHERE!  So I used the black licorace twists and my kitchen shears and cut them up into strips. 

For the red bird he has these like feather plumes on top.  I used red M&M’s for those.

The black bird has that fuse … remember?  So, after much deliberation and playing around with all kinds of stuff in my kitchen I decided on using a length of licorace twist and a ball of yellow fondant on the end.

Whew!  They are done! 

Not too bad. 

Not what my head envisioned …but really, my mind usually has way higher expectations of myself than I can fulfill … does that happen to anyone else or is it just me??

I’ll be linking these cupcakes up to the following parties this week:
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8 thoughts on “Angry Birds Cupcakes

  1. These cakes are amazing! I totally wish you were my mum (except we’re only about 3 years apart in age right?) xx

    • Thanks for the compliment. When my son saw them he said, “Those are ok. They look awkward though.” How’s that for a self-esteem booster 🙂 And as for being your mum, I bet I could be. I’m much older than you think I am 🙂

  2. I hope they taste as good as they look! 🙂

  3. Cute! Love these birds.. 🙂

  4. I love the licorice eyebrows

    • Thanks so much for featuring me on your blog! You have so much good stuff on there all the time I’m so excited that I was able to be included!! Thanks!

  5. Aww, fabulous! I hope they were appreciated!

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