Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Let me begin by letting you in on a secret … I think my mom is magical.  I don’t think she’s fully human because there isn’t anything she can’t do … well, except for jump out of an airplane because she’s afraid of heights.  But really, what person in their right mind does that anyways?  Oy!

Recently, in her typical “grandma fashion”, my mom volunteered to help my sister make the birthday cake(s) for my niece’s 3rd birthday party.  I think they must have been drinking too much saki at the time because they both decided they wanted to do a Mickey Mouse head for the cake.

And then as if that was not grand enough of an idea they both chimed in …  “Oh, and while we’re at it let’s just throw in a Minnie Mouse head to go along with it.”

*Insert laughter here*

Why not, right?  On second thought, maybe it’s not too much saki but that fact that they’ve seen one too many episodes of the Cake Boss.  Ha!

Well, they did it … and they turned out super!  I thought I would share a picture with you so iffin you want to have a Mickey Mouse party for your little ones you can copy what they did.

Mom told me it was “Easy but time consuming”.

Hey, easy always works for me 🙂

Couldn’t resist … the birthday girl in all her Minnie Mouse glory!

Now, back to the cakes.

They used my mom’s different sized tiered cake pans and regular boxed cake mixes for the cakes themselves.  Then they just used canned frosting and tinted it with Wilton’s Food Gels.

For the eyes and mouth mom made her own marshmallow fondant using this recipe and then tinted it black and/or red where needed.

For Minnie’s bow they used leftover fabric mom had stashed and slapped that baby onto the cake.

FYI … you should see mom’s stash.  She has her own room, AND a part of the garage as well I believe.  Let’s not mention that around dad, ok?  🙂

So, the finished product.  What do you think?

Iffin you want to see other cool stuff … I thought I would link up to these parties this week:

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2 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

  1. jrj2015

    Those are GREAT!

  2. So cute, thanks for linking up to the blog hop I hope you will be back tomorrow for I freakin did it Friday

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