Easter Story Placemats

Two weekends ago I was talking with my son about Palm Sunday and how that leads into all the Holy Week events.   As we talked about the donkey … and Jesus … and the palm branches … and the Hosannas … and how the very same people who praised Him that day would yell for his death a week later …

as we discussed these things I saw his eyes glaze over and his mouth drop open from the sheer amount of data I was throwing at him … it was obvious this was way too much for one sitting.

So, I came up with these “Easter Story Placemats” that I am sharing with you today.  They are nothing elaborate.  It’s not like I would not be able to sell them on ebay and quit my day-job … don’t I wish! … but they serve the purpose they were created for very well!

The idea was to create a placemat that would depict the main events of Holy Week and then use that placemat as a springboard each night around the dinner table to talk about Easter and what it REALLY means.

First step was to make the actual paper mat. I had some leftover roll of wrapping paper so I just traced my existing placemats onto it and cut them out with my scrapbooking scissors.

Then, using a marker I divided the mat into four sections and labeled each section with what I thought would be the 4 highlights of the Easter story … Palm Sunday, The Last Supper, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.

I knew that we needed some “things” to glue onto the mats representing each day so I used a combination of cut-outs with my Silhouette SD machine as well as cut out pictures from old magazines.

**Note** I chose the Egg shape for Easter Sunday very specifically.  I wanted to make sure that from now on in the back of my son’s mind when he sees plastic Easter eggs he just might associate them with an empty tomb.

Next up was making the mats.

**Another Note** I do wonder if it’s possible for my husband to ever not be acting goofy in a picture.  Just saying 🙂

So, back to the mats … I called everyone together and then we got our crafty on.  I briefly told them about  each special day listed  so that they would have an idea what to glue in each square.  Then I let everyone go at it with their cutting, coloring, and gluing.

Once everyone had their mat the way they wanted I then used clear contact paper to cover them so that they would last longer.  Trimmed them up ….

And we were done!

And there you have it! It’s actually been a great way to springboard discussions about Jesus and Easter. Much better than “cramming” it into a one day lesson.

Don’t run away from this ole blog too far this week … coming up soon I will be showing you these really cute “treat” bags that you can make as a way to share the story of Easter with your friends and family. Check back soon!

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4 thoughts on “Easter Story Placemats

  1. Love it! Great idea 🙂

  2. Dang who is the stud in the pic? 🙂

  3. handmadebymrsh

    A pint of bitter for last supper? Result! Love these xx

  4. I love your idea to use a placemat to spark conversation over dinner! (Now you’ve got me thinking about when to use this…)
    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty! ~Alissa and Maggy

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