Pass the Word … HE IS RISEN!

I bet you wouldn’t guess this … but Easter is my favorite holiday. I know, it’s not “normal”.  But it really is my favorite.  I mean, I do love Christmas.  And of course Valentine’s Day is great because I get chocolate!  And then there is my birthday of course, and I love that day because I get treated like a queen by my hubby.

But if I was only allowed to have one holiday a year I would pick Easter.

I love the fact that Easter is always in the Springtime.

I love the pastel colors that are associated with Easter.

And let’s be honest, I also love the fact that Florida still has “not to hot I want to die” weather at Easter time … and we all know I do not like to sweat!

But what I love the most about Easter is what it really is all about!

And when you love something you want to share it! Therefore, today I want to give you just one suggestion on how you can share the Easter story with your family and friends.

We’re going to make Easter Bunny Treat Bags!  I know, how can an Easter Bunny tell the story of Jesus … but just hang in there … it’s what goes IN the bag that will surprise you!

I used my Silhouette SD machine to cut out five different bunny topper heads of various colors …

However, not everyone has a Silhouette SD machine … so I made this free printable for you to use.  Now, this is my first free printable so hopefully I did this right 🙂  Ideally, you should be able to click on the link and open the document up in Microsoft Word.

Then just print, cut the pieces out, trace them onto the paper of your choice, cut everything out, and use the example given to glue it all together.

Your toppers are finished!  They should fit nicely onto  the top of a sandwich size zippy bag.

Once your baggie is “stuffed” [see below for what to stuff] you will put this topper on and use a stapler in between the ears to attach it to the bag.

Now, for what I plan on “stuffing” inside the bag.  Each bag will get one hard boiled egg and one hollow chocolate egg [that I will teach you how to make in a later post].  Along with the eggs will be this postcard:



I’ve made this into another free printable for you to use if you want.  The idea is that the hard boiled egg = the tomb being full on Friday night & Saturday.  The hollow chocolate egg = the tomb being empty on Easter Sunday morning!

As you give these to your kids, or the friends of your kids, or the kids at your church even, they will not only get to eat yummy things [of which they will think you rock], but they get a “mini” lesson as well on what Easter is all about.

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One thought on “Pass the Word … HE IS RISEN!

  1. You are just the craftiest monster ever!!! 🙂

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