Super Mom … Pass or Fail?

One of the blogs I love to read, Babblin’ Brooke, asked me to read this post today.  I really like Ms. Brooke.  I love her “random ramblings” and everything else she has going on over there in blog-land … so I did as I was told.

I’m really not sure what I expected to read, but I can tell you this, I did NOT expect to cry 🙂  
Yes my friends, I cried.  

They were not tears of sadness.  More like tears of relief because guess what … I’m not the only mom on the planet that doesn’t sport a giant “S” painted on her shirt!  Imagine that!

I learned it’s ok that my “Easter Bunny Butt Cake” didn’t turn out like it was supposed to … his bottom was too wide and flat [much like the baker I must say, ha!].

I learned it’s ok that my “Resurrection Rolls” for breakfast Sunday morning split open and melted all over my pan defeating the purpose of an “empty tomb”.  Pooh!

I also learned that it’s ok if … let’s just say … you have to color eggs the day AFTER Easter because maybe you assumed your son is too old to color eggs so you never bought the dye … only to have him ask Easter night, “Mom, when are we gonna put eggs into that colored stuff?” 

Mostly, what I took away from reading both blogs is that it’s ok to fail sometimes because really what matters is my family.  And they loved the cake and the rolls and coloring eggs a day late.  It didn’t matter if I would be able to grace the cover of Better Homes and Gardens … everything tasted good and we had fun.  That’s what counts.  That’s what matters.

Both blogs I read summed it up best.  They say that the internet can sometimes give us a false sense of what reality is.  By following Pinterest and other blogs we only get to see a tiny part of each other’s lives, and usually just the good parts … the Super Mom moments!  It’s nice to know there are other women besides me on the planet that are “super mom challenged”.

Please, go read this article!  You’ll be glad you did.

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2 thoughts on “Super Mom … Pass or Fail?

  1. Maybe you should have combined them and created an egg roll butt cake! 🙂 Go Super Mom!!!

    Super Dad

  2. handmadebymrsh

    I don’t care that your son had to dye his eggs a bit late, I only care that you’re a fab friend and you are! 😀 I know, I’m so shallow lol xx

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