Amazing New Product!

Let me start by saying in no way am I paid to say this – or even asked to say this.  In fact, Mr. Moose doesn’t have a clue who I am.  Probably a good thing for him 🙂

But when a product works as good as what you are about to meet does, well then, I just feel the need to let you know!

First, let me set the stage.

A few weeks back I was sharing with my MIL how my son “saved my life” in the kitchen.  Ok, not really my whole life but it was a valiant effort on my son’s part to save dinner!!  It’s a long story … just picture flying food and hot cookie sheets and a burned little 9 year old hand in the process [insert sad face here].

Anyhoo, I had nothing in my house for a burn.  So I trapsed out to the aloe plant and hacked it up and laid it on my son’s hand and life went on … except for the pain of course.  Natural Aloe doesn’t kill the pain and there were tears for a long time because of that fact.

In comes MIL to the rescue.  She tells me about this product that she loves and well … friends … meet “Moose on the Rocks” Aloe Spray.

This stuff works great … and I know first hand!  Yesterday as I was doing my “make ahead and freeze” cooking fest I somehow burnt my hand.  Seems to be a pattern in my kitchen.

It’s all red and sore and even looks like a blister or two may appear.  [Sorry for the image quality … have you tried to focus you camera and snap the picture all with one hand??]

I ran my hand under cold water … after saying “PIDDLE” as loud as I could as that seems to be my go-to word when something goes wrong …

Then, remembering the can my MIL gave me, I headed to the bathroom.

Opened the can.

Sprayed my hand.

And stood in amazement at how fast and how awesome it worked.  The pain went away immediately.  The redness went away immediately.  You can still see a faint red line where the burn is … but it’s already improved with one spray!

As of today there still is no pain and not even a blister is showing up …. yet.

We’ll see how it goes and keep an eye on it.

I’m telling you that you should get yourself some of this stuff.  According to the can it’s great for not only kitchen burns, but sunburns, and insect bites as well.  I’m hooked.  This will be a staple in my home from now on.

You can check out Mr. Moose at the links below.

His store.

His fb page.

His g+ page.

Heck, he seems to even be on Pinterest [although I do wonder what a Moose really know about such things?? Ha!]

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4 thoughts on “Amazing New Product!

  1. handmadebymrsh

    I’m so gonna go look out for this stuff, I’m a right wuss when it comes to burns! x

    • You and me both! I’m telling you, all that is left today is a brown patch where the burn was. I should take another picture but I was lazy 🙂

  2. Jessie

    Thats awesome! I will have to get some off that. Flour works the same too! Stick your hand in flour and for some odd reason it stops the burn and the pain.

    • Man, I think I remember you telling me that once … shoot. Wish I would have remembered that with the little dude a few weeks back! Maybe would not have had so many tears 🙂 Thanks for reminding me!!

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