Plastic Egg Spin Art

I think it’s an obsession.  Why, I have no idea.  But fact is that if you give my son something round in nature it’s going to get “spun” … even if it’s not made to spin.

Basketball on the fingers, quarters on the tabletop, Spirograph discs [remember those] on the floor, and now the latest endeavor … Plastic Easter Eggs.

Last Sunday, after unlooting all the goodies from his egg hunts, I noticed dear old son not digging into the candy … but having “spinning egg fights” with his plastic easter eggs.  Huh??

For some reason that amused me and I sat watching the eggs twirl around and around like some type of Spring Theme Beyblades … and then it hit me.

“Hey, self, I can turn that into a craft!” … and so I did.

Introducing Plastic Egg Spin Art

Gather your supplies [pictured above].  Be sure the box top you use has sides on it.  Trust me, you’ll want the sides!

Next up, squirt some of your paint onto a paper plate.  Then place the white cardstock into the box top lid.  No need to tape it down.  Ours didn’t move at all.

Now, have your child dip the tip of the egg into a color paint … [please disregard the long gashing scar on his arm … he IS a boy … need I say more? Ha!]

… and then set the tip of the egg onto the paper.  Now for the fun part … simply “spin” the egg like you would a top.  The egg will draw and doodle with paint all over the paper [and NOT your counters since you were smart enough to use the box top with sides].

You can do this over and over with a variety of colors and different eggs … as we learned that different eggs spun different and made different designs even though they looked the same.  I’m sure there is a science lesson in there somewhere but who has time for learning when there is fun to be had, right?!

When your child is done … or you just frankly run out of paint … Set the masterpiece aside and let it dry.  This is what the finished product MAY look like [all will be different one of a kind pieces of art]:

Now, what I will do once it’s dry is use my Silhouette SD to cut out my son’s name, glue it onto the masterpiece, and use it as a “sign” for his door.

Don’t forget to date the back … trust me on this one!!

You may think you’ll never forget the day your child was a genius and created a wonderful piece of art … but take it from me … there will be a day when your child turns, say 18, and about to graduate from high school … and let’s just say you’re working on an album for said child and you look through the boxes and boxes of “genius artwork” she created and think “Now, when was this again?  What grade was this?  Which child was this? ” … just hypothetically speaking of course 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Plastic Egg Spin Art

  1. I tried this with my son and the eggs wouldn’t spin just around like in the picture. Did you put something inside the eggs?

    • No, they were hollow. I think the secret is that you put a hand on each side of the egg and push one hand forward and the other hand down instead of spinning it from the top. I’ll see if sometime this weekend we can upload a video to help out.

      • Hey Elizabeth … did you get it to work? We’ll be doing the video tonight and I’ll add it to the post 🙂

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