Hatfields and McCoys: A Lesson Learned

My husband and I just finished watching the last episode of The Hatfields and McCoys on the History Chanel. Did you watch it?


I must admit that I originally watched it with the sole purpose of learning more about history. I had read and heard that they took great pains to see that it was as accurate as possible to real events. So, with me being a history buff this was right up my alley … not to mention that my sister married a direct descendant of the McCoy family so I was intrigued as well to learn about her “in-law” history.

I know this mini-series was meant to be entertainment, but for me it went deeper and actually became a spiritual lesson. Besides taking away the obvious of how bitterness can turn to hatred and hatred causes all sorts of evil … I saw something deeper.

Towards the end of the series I could not help but do a comparison between Randall McCoy and the Old Testament Patriarch, Job.

images2 randall_mccoy_played_by_bill_paxton_3

You can read about Job in detail here.

Both men lost their children.
Both men lost their homes.
Both men had wives turn on them.
Both men had their name slandered and misused.
Both men had lives torn apart and had lives filled with misery.

However, one glaring truth kept jumping out at me. When the worlds of both men were falling apart and their theological shoulders were pinned against the wall … both men responded VERY differently to their situations.

The Bible tells us that Job’s words were “Naked I came out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return: the Lord has given, and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of Lord.” (Job 1:15-22) Although Job questioned why things were happening to him he never turned his back on God. He stayed true to his faith and trusted God to sort it all out. At the end of Job’s life the Bible teaches us that God returned to Job even more than He had allowed to be taken away. Job died an old man with family and wealth surrounding him.

Randall McCoy’s story is quite different than that. When Randall’s world fell apart he became angry at God. He blamed God. He failed to see the big picture and trust God to sort it out. He turned to “the bottle” and was even quoted with saying “Hatfield be damned … God be damned” and then led himself into what seemed to be a constant state of drunken misery. At the end of his life he died alone, miserable, and determined to “meet up” with Hatfield in hell.

This was interesting to me and in some ways very sad. It caused me to evaluate my own life. My life has not been rosy and perfect and many many bad things have come into my life … some I caused, some others caused, but ALL were allowed by God. And ALL have a purpose and a plan. God sees the finished picture of my life where I can only see where I am standing today.

It is my belief that God is sovreign and in control and that nothing touches my life that has not been filtered through HIS hands first … so … what am I going to do with God when MY theological shoulders are against the wall? Blame God like McCoy or Trust Him like Job?? I pray that I continue to do the latter.


God’s Tapestry
by Angela (found here)

The Tapestry of Life was started
At the dawn of time.
Within the pattern, even then,
God saved a place for mine.

With every stitch the picture grew
While crafted from above,
And as God wove each new thread in
He blended it with love.

I look upon His masterpiece;
In places it seems odd.
Sometimes I deign to question Him
“Why plan it that way, God?”

But slowly then I realise
The view from where I stand
Reverses that of God’s sight
And then I understand.

God looks down on His work of art
His vision is complete
But I look from the underneath
Where things are not so neat.

I see the knots and tangled threads
Where life seems one big mess
A tapestry, viewed from the back
Does not tend to impress!

But if I trust my Father God
He has a place for me
To blend into the final image
Of his tapestry.

I cannot see the end result
The master craftsman sees
I cannot claim to have
The visionary expertise.

But thankfully, my Father God
Could see it from the start
And put me in the centre
Of his finished work of heart

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