British for the Day

Recently my British Bestie sent me a box …


After oogling the outside because I just LOVE that “Royal” postage sticker … I opened it up.
Inside was everything I would need to be a Brit for the day.
Whoop Whoop!  Now that is what I’m talking about!


Is she a great friend or what??
AND,  it just so happened that the box arrived the day before the Diamond Jubilee for the Queen.
Coincidence??  I think not.
That is just thoughtful consideration from one super gal who knows I’d give my left arm to be a Brit 🙂

And British we were … at least for one night!
This past Monday night my family joined me (yes, they support my freakish ways)
as we celebrated the Diamond Jubilee … aaalll the way across the pond … and it was fun!

We decorated with British Bunting Handmade by Mrs. H (my bestie) in the colors of the Union Jack.
Let me just add I LOVE how they don’t use that cheap crepe paper stuff we do.
They are all classy. I wanna be classy.


We dined on Toad in the Hole that was served on our Union Jack plates my best gal sent.
This is an authentic British recipe given to me from who else, but Mrs. H!
And it was good. Easy too.

However, I don’t have a finished picture of it in the pan as I was excited … and anxious … and hungry!
We dove right in and showed no mercy.

Oh, and I read online that some British folk serve this up with mashed potatoes and onion gravy.
However, I tweaked it a bit as I thought smashed taters AND yorkshire pudding may be too much for my family.
So for us I omitted the taters and then took the cheap easy redneck route 
that my kin folks taught me and used instant brown gravy.

Hey, you may throw some Brit into the girl but you can’t take all the redneck out 🙂


And after dinner I sat down with my son and we googled “Diamond Jubilee”.

I am one of “those” moms that never misses an educational opportunity. Especially if history is involved.

It was actually thrilling for me to watch videos and such of all the hub-bub going on.
And oh how I love that British accent. Ahhh, it was nice!

And my son, he loved seeing all the boats in the water. For some reason that really impressed him!


Alas, our celebrating had to end.

And, after all the celebrating … what did my son take away with him that night?
“Mom, does the Queen ALWAYS wear those hats?”
What? That’s what you got?? Oy, gotta love American boys.

What about you my friends?? Did any of you celebrate the Diamond Jubilee??

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6 thoughts on “British for the Day

  1. Yay! I’m glad you had a good time!

    I loved watching the river parade too, that darling old Queenie never sat down for a minute!! Gotta hand it to her, she has some standing power at her age! Kate looked frozen though 🙂

    My favourite part of the weekend was definitely seeing the Queen’s massive smile yesterday on the balcony during the ‘hip hip hooray’, It made me smile too!

    p.s. I thought you could re-use the bunting for 4th July and then again in the summer, and whenever you wanted really so I left the union flags out lol 😀 xx

    p.p.s. you can wash it if you ever need to but don’t tumble dry it and give it a little press with the iron after. I choose not to wash it cos I’m too lazy lol

    • I think I would be more like Kate 🙂 I hate people looking at me!! My pits get all sweaty like (in case you just had to know that!)
      And, I actually WILL be using the bunting for the 4th. Great minds think alike!!

  2. Britney

    That is so cool!! Preston has a fascination with the British as well ?? Ever since Steve went there and brought him back some cookies…American boys are weird 😉 Looks like you guys had fun! Preston and I are hoping that Darby (in the UK) will be our next home!

  3. Marilyn

    Okay, Tammie, remember, you married an English descendent. Greg is part English. My dad’s mother was mostly English, part Scottish and little bit of Irish. I have traced our ancestors all the way back to England in the 1500’s. So celebrate!! I did watch the Jubilee on Good Morning America. The Queen looks amazing at 86 years old!

    • Oh, that’s right! I also forgot that my family ancestors trace back to President George Washington as a first cousin … wasn’t he English?? Whoop Whoop! I knew I was a Brit at heart 🙂

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