EASY Chocolate Raspberry Filled Cupcakes

Let’s start off by making it clear I am not Bakerella, the Cake Boss, or even a great baker for that matter! So if you’ve come to my neck of the woods today expecting to see some wonderfully majestic masterpiece … keep on a moving my friends … you won’t find that here!

However, if you are just an average joe who wants to make something nice for a co-worker or a family member – and you want to make something that takes NO SKILLS people … then look no further! This recipe is as easy as it gets and yet the outcome looks as if you might actually know what you are doing! I love those types of things!


First up is to gather all your ingredients. All you need is a regular boxed cake mix, all the stuff the box says you need to make it, some seedless fruit jam, a store bought can of frosting … and one of these MIRACLE gadgets!


Have you ever seen these?? Oh my goodness and all things right in the world. I stumbled on this by accident in the grocery store and man oh man, how did I EVER do cupcakes without it? Worth every bit of the $3 odd dollars it cost. I almost didn’t get it because, well, quite frankly it looked as if the package had been sitting in the store since the 1950’s …


But on a whim I tossed it in the basket anyways … and low and behold … the 1950’s actually knew what they were doing! This gadget makes it easy to squirt the jam (or melted chocolate) into the baked cupcake all easy peasy like. And then, fill it with your canned frosting and it makes it easy to make those cool swirly frosting tops that never work for me with pastry bags. Let’s just say I’m pastry bag challenged.

Oh, I’m getting off track a bit … back to the recipe.

So, you bake your cupcakes according to the box directions. Let them cool. Then use your MIRACLE gadget to squirt jam into the cupcakes.


Clean it out real good like. Then stuff your frosting in it and squirt that stuff on top. Then, if you want to look really professional like, add a fresh raspberry to the top of the frosted cupcake. That’s it. How easy was that??


I did go all wild and freaky and decided to do half my cupcakes with the fancy top and the other half with a smooth top. Getting that smooth top is actually easy too. I just put the can of frosting in the microwave for 10 seconds, stir, 10 more seconds, stir, and then dip the tops of the cupcakes into the frosting. Drop some chips on before it hardens and voila. Another easy way to decorate cupcakes that makes it look like you took major effort.

Now, won’t my co-workers think I rock??
And who am I to tell them differntly??

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