Tortilla Roll Ups

This is a fan favorite. Whenever we have any type of event I am usually asked to make these. They are so yummy and popular that I never have leftovers. And here’s the the best part of this recipe … they are so easy! What else did you expect?? Anyone who knows me by now knows that if it ain’t easy I ain’t gonna do it. I’m just lazy that way!!


So, what you will need for these yummy treats is two blocks of cream cheese, one small can of black olives,
some flour tortillas, a few seasonings, and some cooked ham.


Dump two blocks of cream cheese into a big bowl.
Dump your can of chopped black olives into the bowl.
Sprinkle in some black pepper, chopped onion, and salt to taste.
I have been known sometimes, when I am feeling wild and rebellious,
to sprinkle some chopped jalepenio pepper into the mix.
But don’t tell my husband because he’ll never eat them again!!


Mix all the ingredients together using a hand mixer. Unless, say, you wake up feeling all full of yourself and think for some reason you have super-human strength just because because you worked out twice in one week. Then try to use the spatula but then quickly find out your weaker than your grandma and then get out the hand mixer like you usually do.

Lesson learned, Don’t use the spatula. Your arms will thank you!


Spread the mixture all over and up to the edges of a tortilla.
Lay a few slices of cooked ham on one side of the tortilla and then spread
a tiny bit more of the mixture on top of the ham.


Starting at the side with the ham on it roll them up and place them seam side down into a baking dish.
Now you need to refridgerate overnight or at least for 4-5 hours.


Slice off the ends and discard them because they are ugly and those ends just won’t look good on your plate.
And discard them too because truthfully it’s SO much fun to start a fight
between you and your kids over who gets to eat the ends!
Once the ends are discarded slice the rest of your tube of goodness into about 1/2″ slices.


Arrange onto your plate, take to your event, and bask in all the glory for brightening someone’s day 🙂

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