What Type Are You?

Recently we were at the grocery store and my hubby and I were discussing types of bagels. We wanted to buy some for the week but we only need ONE bag because frankly, too many carbs in the house does Tammie no good. The problem is see, I prefer one type and he prefers the other … and it was becoming an issue. I told him “EVERYBODY but you likes my type of bagel!” …to which he replied … “You are so wrong! It’s my type they like. Get with it.”

What did we do? We bought two bags and I guess by this time next week there will be an extra 5 pounds on my hips!

So, who is right? Choose your favorite and vote from the sidebar over there >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Come on … you know you want to!!

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10 thoughts on “What Type Are You?

  1. Next time go to Publix or Target and pick out the bagels in the bakery and make your own mix and match bag.

  2. Dana

    So which one are YOU?? My first pick is cinnamon, then plain. I’d choose an everything bagel if I were making a sandwich for lunch. But not for a breakfast bagel.

    • Cinnamon?? I’m sorry. We can no longer be friends then! 🙂 FYI … I’ll reveal my pick when the poll closes and I announce the winner!!

  3. C&R all day long 🙂 I am allergic to anything not sweet lol xx

  4. Jessie

    Cinnamon and raisin for sure!! Just like the bread pudding!

    • Et tu Brute?? My own cousin?? 🙂 What is wrong with this world?? Oy, I can see this is not going to turn out very good for me 🙂

  5. Britney

    Ha that is a cute thing to do. So who ever wins will be the bagel picker of the house from now on? I will be pulling for you Tammie! Nothing against Greg, of course, just us girls need to stick together.

    • Oh my friend, I am lagging behind!! What is wrong with this world? Cinnamon on a bagel? Blech! 🙂

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