Anger is Messy.

When angry count to ten before you speak. If very angry, count to one hundred. — Thomas Jefferson

My son loves science experiments.  Actually, mommy loves them too!

And this past weekend we actually found ourselves with some down time so he wanted to experiment in the kitchen.  Now, if you’ve followed my little blog for any time at all you’ve picked up on the fact that I’m a teacher at heart. It’s in my blood and my poor little family is just stuck with it.

So, when son-of-mine asked for some science fun I had to find a way to not only have fun but to also turn it into a lesson … any kind of lesson … I can’t help it.  It’s a sickness 🙂

I scoured the kitchen for any goodies laying around … and then … seeing what was at hand in the pantry, I remembered something I had taught in Sunday School years back.

BINGO!  GOT IT!  And then we were off an running.

This is an object lesson on how anger hurts not just you but all those around you.

What You Will Need:
Baking Dish (or any small dish with sides)
Army Men or Tiny Toys
Plastic Disposable Cup
Measuring Cup
Sharpie Marker
Baking Soda

Step 1: Have your child write their name or draw their face on the cup

Step 2:  Scoop some baking soda and put it into the disposable cup. About half a cup works fine.

Step 3: Pour some vinegar into the measuring cup.  NOT the cup with the baking soda.  Set aside.

Step 4: Place the cup of baking soda in the middle of a shallow baking dish.

Step 5: Have your child arrange the army men around the cup inside the shallow baking dish.

*Note* In the picture below our Army Men are laying down.  Yours can stand up.  Actually, it would make me happy if YOURS did stand up.  I have no idea why my son chose to lay our down.  I had suggested to son that he stand them up but then he said “Why?  Does it really matter?” to which I had to stop and say, “Well, I guess not.  I guess it only matters if you are OCD, which you are clearly not.  Moving on.”

Man, why can’t the whole world be OCD like me? 🙂

Step 6: Now, discuss with your child what everything represents.

Cup of baking soda = your child
Army Men = mommy, daddy, siblings, teachers, friends … anyone who is in the child’s life.
Vinegar = your child’s anger

Say to your child … “Let’s see what will happen if we give in to our anger and have a temper tantrum.”

Step 7: Let your child pour the vinegar into the baking soda … and watch the show.

After the fizzing settles down it’s a great time to discuss things farther with your child.  The following is what we discussed in our home.

When the vinegar hit the baking soda what happend? A mess was made.

If the vinegar was your anger … and you let your anger explode out of you like if you have a temper tantrum … what happens to everyone around you? They get messy … or their feelings get hurt.

Was any of the army men around the cup NOT made messy? No.

End by saying that the same is true for your life. All the choices you make will affect not just you but everyone around you. If you lose your temper and get angry then everyone around you will feel the messy stuff that comes from your temper.

Then conclude by discussing ways that work in your family on how to control your anger and your temper.

So, what about you and your family?  Do you do object lessons?  If so, share below!  I love this kind of stuff 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Anger is Messy.

  1. Glad you stopped by our e-zine. I had to stop by and check out your place. I love this object lesson. We have a book with a message and experiment. I definitely will try this tonight since it’s our family bible time. Blessings on your journey.

    • Thank you so much for featuring me! How exciting. And for also sharing some other great blogs … especially “When You Aren’t Prepared to Answer”. Wow. What an author! LOVE following your blog and now I’ll follow hers too!

  2. Mike E

    Using this for my grade 5/6 Sunday School class tomorrow! Thanks! Object lessons are much more effective than me blabbing on and on!

  3. Thanks for the idea! I plan to use it with my church cell group’s upper grade school children this Saturday.

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