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Hey, friends, looky here ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ See that pretty picture?

Well, let me just tell you all about it.  Three weeks ago Kristen from All in My Twenties started this cool thing … a blog hop link party focused on getting fit!!  How cool is that??!!  I first saw it on my friend Brit’s blog … and then later on another fab blog, Foley Family Unedited.  Geesh, two great gals hooking up to the same great blog hop??  Let me check it out.  So I did.  And I was glad.  And I have now gone back each week since to follow along.

Well, this week I made a HUGE decision for me.  No more stalking this thing from the sidelines. All these great ladies (and 1 guy I hear) have all encouraged me to get my flabby pear shaped self off the couch and onto the elliptical … or the Arc Trainer … or whatever gadget I have laying around.

Let me start at the beginning.  In the past my weight has not been an issue for me.  It just wasn’t.  In high school I could (and would) enjoy jalepeno & cheddar potato chips and a fully loaded Coke for breakfast every day.  For lunch I would eat Dairy Queen or McDonalds or Sbarro’s Pizza.  And don’t get me started on dinners in a deep south homecooking home.  Here’s the kicker, I never weighed over 100 lbs.  EVER!

Jump ahead to life after high school.  Honestly, the most I ever weighed in my early twenties was 100 lbs. Seriously. No joke. When I went to the doctor in my 20’s and found out I was preggers with my first child the scale actually said 100 lbs. even.

Now, before you start egging my house and hating me … let me tell you what the scale said on the day that first child came out screaming into the world … It LOUDLY shouted at me 163 lbs!!  Are you kidding me?  I gained 63 pounds with my first child?  What the heck??!!  And it’s been downhill ever since!

I did get “all the way down” once to 118 pounds … but the amount of stresss that came with that package was not something I chose to hold onto.  So I moved on and when I did my weight moved up.

My current weight now is *gulp* I can’t believe I’m about to post this on the world wide web … but my weight is 131 lbs.  Yikes and Yuck!!

Now, I know that is nothing compared to what some people weigh … but for me it’s alot and it’s also more than just the weight.  It’s the belly flab and that darned arm fat that my son likes to call “old lady flag” that I seem to be carrying around with me.  I just can’t seem to get the weight back down and the fat trimmed off.

I’d like to say it’s just because I’m 41 years old now and that’s life … but truth be told … I”m just lazy.  And I love food.  And I hate to sweat. Ha!

Seriously folks. I hate to sweat and I hate to run even more. In fact, I’m thinking of changing my google profile picture to this:

Isn’t that a hoot?  Can you relate??  I know I can’t be alone out there.

So, here’s what I’m a gonna do.  Each Thursday I will come back here and do a post about my success and failures for the past week.  And I’ll also post some kind of healthy tip I’ve learned in the week whether it be a recipe or a exercise routine or whatever.  The idea of the Inspire Me:  Healthy blog hop is to not only share ideas and get pointers but to hold ourselves accountable.  I mean, come on, if I just told you my weight then heck yeah I’m going to want to trim some of that off and not go on being a pear!!  How embarassing is that??!!

So, here are my goals for this next week:
1. Work out at least TWO times this week. Doh! You do understand that I work out ZERO times now. So that is a huge leap for me!
2. Drink 2 glasses of water EVERY day. Again, that is a huge leap. I mean, if Diet Coke came in an IV then I would be the first in line for an injection!
3. Eat one apple every day just like awesome Bob Harper says to do in his “Skinny Rules” book.
4. Avoid the pit of yummy, crunchy, awesomeness potato chips this week. Opt for crunchy veggies instead. Truthfully, I think this is going to be the WORST for me!!
5. Keep a food diary on My Fitness Pal each day so I can see how much crud actually goes into my belly every day.

Ok, so just five little goals. I think I can handle that … or can I? *gulp* Check back next Thursday to see.

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4 thoughts on “Inspire Me: Healthy

  1. Yay!!! Thanks for linking up!! So glad you did!!! I think youre going to love it!! 🙂


  2. You can do it! Good luck this week! Goals are always the best place to start!

  3. Tammie,
    I love this post. I applaud your efforts to get fit. I’ve been thinking the same thing for me lately as I have been spending and inordinate amount of time sitting doing this blogging thing. I used the My Fitness Pal app last year and loved it. At some point I fell off the wagon with the whole healthy lifestyle thing. This really encourages me to get back into it. Anyway, I came to your site today to thank you for leaving me a sweet note about the Green Packaging Solution over at Posed Perfection. I am going to be following you and your progress. I hope you’ll stop by again for a visit and maybe even a “follow back”. Have a great week!

    • Thanks for commenting. You know, I’m always falling off the wagon. I love food too much. I think that is why I jumped at the chance to do this “public” way. It holds me accountable. And I am for sure following you back! Added you to my google reader!

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