Inspire Me: Healthy (Week #2)

A Mommas Desires And Pacifiers

I’m baaaccckkk … for an update after my first week on this Inspire Me: Healthy link up party.

First off, let me say … where did this week go? What the heck?! It feels as if I just posted to the world about my flabbiness and need to get healthy and BAM it’s Thursday and I have to post again.   I am so not prepared today.  I actually had pictures and a kickin’ recipe to share … and that is so not gonna happen today.  Good grief!

I really do have a great excuse.  Well, at least to me it seems like a great one.  One word for ya friends … BUSY!

What a whirlwind week it’s been … my husband and I actually had a date “weekend” [thank-you MeeMaw & PopPop], my son started back to school, my daughter moved away to college [insert crocodile tears here], my son had like a whole latta karate stuff going on, and my boss left for a two week vacation.  All this peeps on top of my normal routine.

But, enough whining.  Enough said.  On to the business at hand.

Last week I told all ya’ll that I weighed 131 pounds. Yep.  Posted it on the world wide web so that makes it true, right?  Uh, wrong.  When I got home and actually weighed myself [which I guess I should have done beforehand but where is the fun in being accurate?] … that stupid scale said 132 [ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO] pounds.  Where did that new pound come from??   Ugh.  Whatever.  So my week actually started out a pound heavier … and my spirits started out a tad more saddened.

But, I didn’t stay down long.  No sir-ee Bob [love that commercial] … nope, I kicked sadness in the bootie and got busy.

This week did not go as my goals had planned.  I would not classify it as a total failure … but for sure not a big time win either.

To start with I did NOT work out two times at the gym.  But I DID work out once … and when I did I used that butt-kickin elliptical for 5 miles my friends.  I was sweating in places that I didn’t even know had glands.  It was not a pretty sight.  And I don’t even want to think what I might have looked like on that machine with my arms and legs flailing in opposite directions.

Even though I did not do an intense work out twice … I DID do ab work every-single-day and I did alot of weird calorie buring stuff that annoyed my husband.  Bonus points for annoying the ole hubs 🙂  You know, like marching around the house during commericals … or marching in place while I curled my hair.  Anything to burn more calories than I consumed.  And that my friends, is a major accomplishment!  From ZERO to that … stop the presses and call the newspapers … I deserve a ticker tape parade and I ain’t ashamed to admit it.

I also did NOT eat an apple every day, but I DID drink so much water that I have become quite familiar with where the restrooms are in every square inch of this town.  My new motto should be “Gotta Pee?  Just ask Me!”

I still have not measured myself because frankly I am too cheap to buy a tape measure.  I figure when my pants fit again – because I’m also too cheap to buy new pants – then I’ll know I lost inches!

And truthfully, I can’t remember what my other goals were which most likely means I failed at them anyways so why bother bringing them up again 🙂  Bottom line … 131 pounds this morning on the scale.  And yes, I did actually weigh myself.  WOOT WOOT!  Lost me one pound.  I guess choo-chooing around the house during commericals pays off a bit, huh!

And because I have no idea how to end this post … I’ll just pretend I’m my son and say “Peace Out”.

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4 thoughts on “Inspire Me: Healthy (Week #2)

  1. Sounds like you rocked it to me! Hope you’re kickin butt again this week! FYI not sure how tall you are, but I’m packing about that same weight at 4’11” #insertmyohshizfacehere #yourewelcome

  2. Sounds like you were kicking butt all week! Reminding me I need to get up and get on the elliptical still this morning…. oops 🙂 And water is so key! I’ve been really trying to drink more, you feel so much better when you’re actually hydrated!

  3. aw! and I just saw my button below, you are too sweet, thanks so much for adding me to your favorites 🙂 Very flattered!

    • You’re very welcome. LOVE your blog. I’ve actually just added the ingredients of your Nicoisse Salad (hope I spelled that right) to add to my menu. Even my hubby says he’ll try that … and he hates everything!!

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