Busy Mom’s Chore Chart

You might remember recently I did a tutorial on creating a perpetual “Honey Do” list.
No? Well maybe this picture will help 🙂

You could see in my photo above not only the “Honey Do” list but the chore chart below it as well.  I had promised you the tutorial on that little gem of a chart. Well, friends … your wait is over [as if you really were waiting with anxious breath!  Ha!]

I don’t know about you, but chore charts had been a big pain in my patootie for some time. I absolutely LOVED the idea of online chore charts … but then I had to stop what I was doing to log my son on.  Hated that! Then my husband found some cool free printables online and he printed me a ton … but then I had to write the chores each time on the chart, and that’s if I even remembered to pull the old one down and put the new one up.  Too much for my busy life 🙂

Then I saw this tutorial by KRISTINE at one of my fav sites … Foley Family Unedited.  BAM!  Light bulbs went on and I was like THAT’S IT!!  The idea was born … and my task of creating a perpetual, reusable chore chart took off!

First thing I did was to use my Silhouette SD software to lay out my chore chart similar to the way I wanted it to end up.

Once I had it looking like I wanted, I then approached … what for me is the hardest part of crafting/scrapbooking … choosing the paper!  I have the hardest time picking out papers & colors.  Anyone out there want to come live with me just so you can do this part for me?

I perservered and found my selection.   Then, using my pesonal trimmer I cut all the paper that needed to be cut into rectangles and squares.  I based all the measurements on how big to cut by what the Silhouette SD images showed me when I clicked on them.

Once I had all the rectangles cut and laid out, I then used the Silhouette SD to cut out my letters … … and then I laid the letters in the general area they needed to be.

Next up, letting the Silhouette SD cut out the stars …

… and a hole punch to cut out the dots.

Once I had all the pieces-parts cut & punched out, I inked all the edges to give it more “pop”.  Then I glued everything down onto an 8.5″x11″ piece of cardstock.

Almost done!  I thought the stars looked a little dead so I decided to gently trace the stars with a blue ink pen … let’s just say I’m not very good at inking stars 🙂  One last thing … the actual chart.  I used Microsoft Excel to create the chart, printed it out, trimmed it up, and glued that sucker down!

I then put the whole thing in a Dollar Store frame, gathered a dry erase pen that I had laying around and bing-bang-boom it’s ready to go for my son’s chores 🙂  Now I won’t have to worry about it except for once a week when I have to count up his “x’s” and dole out the mulah.

Easy Peasy … and a nice cheatin’ way out for mama 🙂  We’ve actually been using this for almost 2 years and it works like a charm. Be sure to check out the “Linky Parties” page to see where I’m hooking up this week!

What about you?  What types of chore charts do you prefer??

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4 thoughts on “Busy Mom’s Chore Chart

  1. Tammie!! I am totally showing this off next week! SO cool you were inspired! LOVE your “version” And that Honey Do list?! I’m making one! So thank YOU 🙂 You rock!!

  2. Jessie

    Wish I had time to do that!!! All I have time to do is tell the kids to scribble all the chores down on paper and fight to figure out who is doing what! LOL Oh well maybe one day.

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