I’m Like THEM?

“What miraculous sign then will you give that we may see it and believe you? What will you do?” 
John 6:31

The above scripture was part of my personal quiet time a few days ago. It’s taken from the chapter in the Bible where Jesus feeds the 5,000.  Do you know the story?  Jesus is teaching a large crowd of people on the mountainside and they’re getting purty hungry.  So what does Jesus do?  You probably think he sends the disciples to the market for lunch?  NOPE!  Not my Lord.  He takes 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish that a child brought for his own lunch … offers a prayer of thanks to the Father for the food … and feeds 5,000 men [not including women!] with that small amount of food.  Talk about a miracle!!

Well, the scripture goes on to say that after he feeds them he goes away by himself for a spell.  Then the crowds come looking for him.  When they find him he does the whole “I am the Bread of Life” mini-sermon with them [found here].  Then, what does that crowd of folks say after his mini-sermon?  They actually ask Jesus to show them a sign to know He’s for real.

I stopped reading in mid-sentence and was like “Say what?  Those losers just saw Jesus feed 5,000 men with just 2 fish and 5 loaves.  What more do they want” …

… and then my heart felt pierced.  How much more do I want?

We’ve talked before on this little blog of mine that I have been in a storm.  Well, the storm still exists. No calm waters yet. In fact, some days it’s very hard. However, God has promised me loud and clear that one day my storm will end.  One day my prayers will be answered. He’s shown me over and over again evidence of his love and grace in my life.

And yet, I want more signs from him.  I ask him every-single-day to give me ” a miraculous sign then I may see it and believe you“.

I doubt what I know to be true.

I forget in my darkness what God has shown me in the light.

And that makes me no different than those “losers” in the crowd.

It was an “Ah-hah” moment in my life. A lesson learned. [Don’t cha just love it when that happens!]

Coming to this realization just from reading scripture reminds me why the Bible is “Fuel for My Soul” and why I cling to it so much.  It is my handbook, my manual, my lifeline.  It helps me to be more than I can ever be on my own!!

And I don’t know when I lost my way,
I guess it was the very first second
of the very first day. (Psalm 51:5)
When this world leaves me feeling lost and down,
I open your word and my soul, it starts to feel found.

Fuel for the soul, fuel for the soul it comes my way,
by Grace, through Faith. It’s com-in’ my way.
Fuel for the soul, your Holy Spirit comes my way.
I know your Word – is fuel for the soul.

When this world leads me to forget your ways,
When I get so caught up in this world
that I forget to pray,
Like a tidal wave you just rush on in
When I open your word to find the food
your Holy Spirit gives.


Sometimes I forget where I’m goin’.
Sometimes I forget what it’s about.
Like my body needs to eat or it will die,
In your Word my soul lives, like branches to,
to the vine. (John 15:1-8)


I know your Love sustains…
I know your Word…is fuel for the soul.

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What about you?  Has any scripture pierced your heart recently??   I’d love to hear from you!

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One thought on “I’m Like THEM?

  1. I’m one of them too. Thankful for a forgiving God. Love that song. Thanks for sharing and a great post today!!!

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