This is Life – Don’t Miss It!

I graduated high school in 1988. Yes, I am THAT old! Let’s not dwell on it, ok??!!

So, as I emerged from being a punk teenager into the oh so blessed adulthood – ha! – I actually remember thinking way back then that time was flying by very fast in my life.  Boy, little did I know that as technology ran rampant over the next 10-20 years, life would get even more crazy! For example …

In 1988, here where I live, the interstate speed limit for the most part was 55mph … and you felt rebellious when you went 70mph!

Today it’s posted as 65mph … but really I see all you peeps on the road going at least 80mph passing by ole’ grammy Tammie. Don’t deny it … you know you do!


In 1988 cell phones were a luxury item that only the rich could afford. Today you would be hard pressed to find anyone without one.


In 1988 had anyone – except for those geeky nerds – ever heard of the world wide web?? Today you can’t even make a grilled cheese sandwich without checking Pinterest first to make sure you’re doing it right! Guilty of that one I must say!! 🙂


Times have definitely gotten crazier. And our to-do lists have gotten bigger. You would think that with all this swanky techno stuff our lives should SLOW down and allow us more free time. However, it seems that the techno craze just makes it worse!

Be honest, when was the last time you spent just one hour not watching TV, or talking on your cell phone, or checking social media. When was the last time you just sat on your front porch sipping sweet tea and listened to nature??

Life is passing us by … and we’re missing it.

You know, the holiday season is fast approaching and if we are this busy NOW what will that be like?? My prayer for my family over the next few months is to try at least once a week to “unplug” for an hour and just “be”. Hmpf. May be biting off more than I can chew on this one … but we’ll see 🙂

I love how Francesca explains it in this song:


What about you my friends? Do you already unplug? If so, how?? What does your family like to do??

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One thought on “This is Life – Don’t Miss It!

  1. SO true! I agree!! I’m guilty of this myself, but when others just want to get on with the next best thing, I can’t help but feel sorry for them. Seriously enjoy today because tomorrow is not promised. Great post Tammie!


    The Foley Fam {unedited} Blog

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