Which Coffee Cup Are You?

Happy Monday, friends.

I found myself chuckling this morning. Actually, more like laughing.  You know, one of those laughs where you try to stuff it inside so others don’t hear, but what really happens is that your body shakes like you’re some skiddish Chihuahua or something. You can picture it right?

That was me.  All morning.  And here’s the funny thing. It wasn’t even anything REALLY funny. Not really.

I have no idea why, but I found myself laughing … at coffee cups.

Now, before you think me a total freak and have me committed, let me explain.

I think most Americans [maybe even most humans] are addicted to coffee in one way or another. Most likely we all need to start our day with a deep dark cup of java bliss. I am no exception to that. [Thank you hubby for feeding my addiction and getting me a Keurig!]

But here’s the thing … there are some days it’s all I can do to just to get out the door. Let alone worry about if I’ve drunken my coffee yet. Dilema! What’s a woking mom to do?

Simple … car keys / purse in one hand … coffee cup in the other … head out the door … drink coffee at work.

It seems that I’m not alone in this little morning dilema. My co-workers seem to suffer with this as well. How do I know? By the sheer VOLUME of coffee cups that accumulate in the workplace cabinets.

And that is where I started laughing.


The coffee cups my co-workers bring in are beautiful. BEE to the U to the FUL! These mugs come from cool places I’ve only dreamed about. Places like Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Cancun. And many of them are even hand painted!! I mean, come on, Hand Painted Coffee Mugs? How would you even begin to wash that??!! These mugs are elaborate and exquisite.

And then … dear friends … there are MY coffee cups. Ha! And that is where funny meets me head on.

Because perched right next to these coffee cups that Michaelangelo himself would admire … are my old, tired, Dollar Store, holiday gone by mugs. They look so sad and pathetic sitting there next to grandeur. So tiny and useless really. And that got me laughing … and even now I laugh as I type this.


Of course I don’t believe in laughing by myself. I just have to share my hilarity with someone. Enter an email to my hubby.

I tell him all about this funny little scene and then end said email by saying, “But I bet the coffee in my cup tastes better than theirs! I have Keurig Green Mountain Wild Blueberry Coffee with International Delights Carmel Mocha Creamer in my cup. They just have Folger’s with milk! Ha on them!”

And what does this man-of-mine do? How does he reply?

First, I must tell you that my hubby is quite the funny man. My hubby actually keeps me laughing almost every single day. So I actually expect something equally hilarious to pop into my mailbox.

Does he laugh with me in amusement? Does he spur me on with more jokes? Of course not. Not today. Oh, nooooo, not today my friends.

He actually has to go all profound and spiritual. Seriously! I was so surprised. Husband-of-mine replies with:

“Wow, that’s just like us.  It’s not what is on the OUTSIDE that matters but what is on the INSIDE.”

Doh! What insight he had. I sat speechless as I re-read his statement.  Dead, spot on, insight. I was stunned, suprised, and yet so very proud of him as well.  My hubby isn’t only just funny … he’s insightful too.  I think I’ll keep him around a little bit longer now 🙂

You know, as I read his statement I began to think of King David. You know the story.  How Samuel was told to go to Jesse’s sons and God would lead him to anoint the next King of Israel.  Everyone thought it would be one of the buff, older, well established sons.  Nope.  Not who God chose.  Samuel walks by each of Jesse’s sons one by one … and with each one God says “Nope.  Not you, not  you, not you either …” and then, David comes on the scene.  The youngest.  The small and tiny Shepherd Boy.  And at the sight of David God tells Samuel, “Rise and anoint him.  He is the one.”

I love that story.  Reminds me that, as my husband says, it’s not about what you look like on the outside.  It’s not about the home you have, the car you drive, the schools you attended, or even the coffee cup you drink out of.  It’s about what’s on your inside and what you do with Christ that counts.  It’s always always about Christ!

So you might be an exquisite coffee cup … or you might be a tired old Dollar Store coffee cup … but no matter which one you are — if you are filled with Christ [and God sees your heart when others don’t] then God can and will use you for His plan!

Thanks hubby for reminding me of that today.  YOU ROCK!!


Here’s a great song that helps to bring home what I just talked about.  One of my favorite songs from an era gone by.  It’s an oldie but still very much a goodie.

Please note I am not endorsing Ray Boltz, just the lyrics to this awesome song.
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One thought on “Which Coffee Cup Are You?

  1. So true and awesome to catch it and share it! XOXOXO

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