As a child growing up in the  70’s and 80’s I have many fond memories of these particular cartoon shorts that used to play ever Saturday morning while I watched cartoons … perhaps you remember them too??  Not sure if they played in other countries but they were huge in America.  They went by the name …

“School House Rocks”

Aww, yes, the memories.  To this day in order for me to remember what an adverb is I  find myself singing this little diddy:


Ha!  Remember that??  Love it!!  Well, Squire D. Rushnell (the father of ABC Schoolhouse Rocks) has done it again!

Or, well, DID it again in 1990.  But I was not blogging then.  Actually, I have not been blogging much at all lately.  Just been too busy.  But when this came up in my life again I just had to share 🙂

See, when my daughter was born my mother bought her this VHS tape:

(do any of you today even know what a VHS is?) 🙂

This video had cartoon characters living out the Ten Commandments through song and dance.  It was adorable and I fell in love with it.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the creator of this video was one-in-the-same as the creator of my beloved School House Rocks!!

Well, this weekend the memory of those songs popped back into my mind … I actually have no idea why, but just that they popped into my head and I started singing them all over again.  When I realized what I was singing I was like, “Hey, my son (who is much younger than his sister) needs to hear these now!!”

And I began the hunt for the tape.

And I hunted.

And hunted.

Peeps, let me just say this … my motto is “When in Doubt throw it Out”!  Although that provides me with a great feeling of satisfaction as I de-clutter my life, more often than not it also proves to be disasterous … this was one of those times.  I no longer have the tape!  Doh!!

But hey, we live in a tekkie world right … I mean, I can’t be the only one to remember and enjoy those songs from so long ago?  Could I?

So I did what any New Millineum mom would do … I hit the internet and surfed …

and surfed …

and surfed some more …

… I may or may not have ignored my family while surfing the web … but hey, I was on a mission peeps … just saying!!

And I finally found it … The Kingdom Chums Original Top Ten … and I even found it on youtbue as well!  Cha-ching.  Score!!

I have actually now shown my son a portion of the video and I take great pleasure when I hear coming from the other room this small voice singing “L-I-E-S, LIES spells lies.  Spells lies …”

Ahhhh.  Mission Accomplished.


The Kingdom Chums Original Top Ten as directed by Rick Reinert, written by Squire D. Rushnell and Peter Sauder.  Voices by Debby Boone, Marilyn Mcoo, and Tony Orlando just to name a few!!

Each video below (Parts 1-6) are approimately 7-8 minutes in length.  I did NOT prepare these videos but inserted them form YouTube.  I am very grateful for the person who did take the time to do this and will be sure to say so via email!!

However, if you have an extra 48 minutes to kill you can watch the entire video at once at the bottom of the page.

*Watch at your own risk* WARNING* Songs are catchy and contagious* You have been warned 🙂

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


The Whole Cartoon (48 minutes in length):

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