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Help Me, I’m Melting!

Living in the balmy Sunshine State I’m all about melted snowmen! I mean, it’s the only kind we have here, right? 🙂 So when my son brought this home last year from school I could not have been more thrilled. It will for reals hang on our tree each and every year from now on.

Is it hot in here … or is it just me??

Ain’t he cute?? Don’t ask me why he has 3 eyes. I guess son-of-mine wanted an alien snowman last year. Boys will be boys is all I have to say to that! 🙂

I wish I could say that I was the creator of such a wonderful idea … but alas … I am not. And I also wish I could give credit where credit is due … but alas I can not. I just have no idea which teacher last year came up with this awesomeness of an idea. So, to you dear teacher … whoever you are … cheers! You rock!!

But I did figure out how she did it and today YOU get to find out too! Aren’t you salivating? 🙂

It’s pretty simple to do.

Items Needed:
Wax Paper
White School Glue
Googly Eyes
Construction Paper Scarf
Construction Paper Stick Arms (or tiny real sticks!)
Construction Paper Buttons (or tiny real buttons!)
Construction Paper Hat
Ribbon for Hanging


1. Squirt the glue onto the wax paper and smear it all around so that it forms a blob.

2. Have your child drop the “snowman things” in a random order into the wet glue.

3. Use a straw to create a hole in the top where eventually the ribbon will go.

4. Now, simply walk away. Step away from the craft!! Now is a great time to go drink eggnog, or sing carols with your children, or watch Christmas shows … or take my Christmas Trivia Challenge even 🙂 Point is LET THE GLUE DRY!

5. A few hours later come back and easily, gently peel the glue off the wax paper. Add your ribbon to the top and hang that beauty on the tree!!

How easy was that?? My type of craft people!! Give me a holla back below in the comments if you have an easy Christmas craft. LOVE me those Christmas crafts!!

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