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Christmas Trivia Quiz

Christmas postcard, 1911

Christmas postcard, 1911 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ho Ho Ho ** Merry Christmas ** Season’s Greetings ** and Happy Holidays my friends!

For those of you who don’t know me  I LOVE Christmas.  I mean, I just love me the Christmas Season.  Let me just say it again in case you missed it … I love all things Christmas.

In fact, it has been said by some of my peeps that perhaps I tend to go a little over the top at Christmas.  #judgeforyourselves #picturescomingsoon.  But to those Burgermeister Meisterburgers I say … what do they know?  It’s apparent that their hearts are TWO SIZES TOO SMALL is all!!

The Grinch


Yep, I am full of Christmas cheer.  I think I’ve seen and done pretty much it all.  Yep, love me all things Christmas.

But what about you? Think you might be overflowing to the brim with Christmas Spirit??  Got you some Christmas cheer spilling over?  Well, friend, test it out and see.  Try out my Christmas Trivia Quiz below and see how you fare.

0-3 correct = Shame shame shame, I know your name! And that name would be Ebeneezer Scrooge my friend! I hope you like sticks and coal because I bet your stocking sees alot of that this year!

4-7 correct = You definitely flexed a few holiday brain muscles on this quiz and could probably pass as Santa’s Overworked Elf … but perhaps you’ve dipped too much into the Christmas Party eggnog and your memory needs some dusting off!

8-9 correct = Ho Ho Ho!! Not to shabby don’t cha know!! Santa Claus better watch out for you may just be putting him in the unemployment line!!

10 correct = A perfect score means you are by no means a Christmas bore! In fact, Clark Griswald would be so proud as I’m sure YOURS is the house that stands out in the crowd!


So friends … how’d ya do?  Be sure to comment below … and if you’re really feeling all sorts of Christmas giddy feel free to comment me your own trivia below and see if I can answer it … stump me if ya can 🙂

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