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The Redskins Say …

My hubby brought this to my attention this weekend and it was too odd not to share.  Have you heard about this, or am I the only one in the dark ages??  Have you heard about the Washington Redskins Rule??

What is the Washington Redskins Rule??  What does it mean?  Well, simply put it means, “Yes, Virginia, there IS a way to predict who wins a presidential election.


You see, when the Washington Redskins football team wins the game before the election, the current President’s political party stays in control of the White House. When the Redskins lose the game before the election, the current President’s political party loses control.  This pattern has been true and accurate since 1936!!   Say what??  Don’t believe me?  Check out this chart taken off Wikipedia:


Now, if it only worked for a few elections I would say that’s pretty cool.  Neato!  But 72 years worth of being true??  Always being true … that’s just freaky weird in my book 🙂

I was intrigued.  And as one who thirsts for weird things [check out this post if you don’t believe me] then I had to know more … could this really be true?  Weird but true??

As I googled it I found that it does seem to hold true and evidentially I am the only one that has never heard of it.  I did see that some have said that it had 2004 wrong … that 2004 was an anomaly of sorts … or was it??

That was the year when the Green Bay Packers beat the Redskins … but yet George W. Bush held on to the presidency. Hmmmm, was the “rule” wrong??  I like how this website states it … “The fact that this was the one exception actually makes it weirder, because as some of you vividly remember, Bush was president but had actually lost the popular vote in 2000 (winning only due to the Supreme Court craziness over Florida’s recount). As the guy credited with discovering the theory, Steve Hirdt, points out, if you make the rule refer not to the party in power, but to the party that won the popular vote in the previous election, it suddenly has a perfect 18-for-18 record predating World War II.

Doh!  I”m telling ya, freaky weird!!

Now, I know and understand this is just superstition.  I know and  understand … and totally 100% believe that God is in control … But isn’t it just fun to wonder a bit … and look at the freakiness of it all.

So, what does that mean THIS election?

Well, the Redskins lost this Sunday to the Carolina Panthers (21-13) … yeah Cam Newton — earn me those fantasy football points!!


… and if this “rule” stays true to the course … that would mean Mitt Romney would be the next President of the United States of America.  Guess we’ll all find out tonight if the freakiness continues on 🙂

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