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The Secret to Happiness

Picture taken in St. Augustine on our 10th Wedding Anniversary 🙂

… How can anyone be happy these days?  Everywhere we turn there are problems and disasters.  Everything we do seems to result in heartache or pain.  Everyone we know, including ourselves, seems to be sad, lonely, or depressed.  How could anyone ever be happy?  What’s the secret?

… The Secret to Happiness and the secret to being content in this world is to Know our Savior and to Know our Strength.  Listen once more to Paul in verse 13:  “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.” The key to being happy and to being content in this world is not just knowing Jesus, but it is also knowing that he is the one who gives us strength.

… How can my life get better?  How can I deal with all my problems?  How can I be happy?  How can I be content?  The secret is not “I.”  It’s Him.  Know your Savior.  Know your strength which comes from him.  Then you will know you can do everything through him who gives you strength.

— taken from Pastor Phil Huebner’s sermon at Christ the King Church.  Be sure to click the link and read the whole thing.  It’s great!

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