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A Look Back …

To 1989!!

Shaping Up To Be A Mom

I was surfing my favorite blogs today and stumbled on this fun link up. Being such a product of the 1980’s I just had to join in.  How fun!!

Ok, let’s see. 1989.

Well, it appears that I am the old kid on the block. While most of the link up party guests I read about were in elementary school in 1989 I was actually 18 years old and already one year out of high school [If you are doing the math then yes, I graduated at 17. I was a smarty-pants … wonder where all my brains are now?? Oh yeah, kids. They suck it right out of you :)].

Taken for the “Beauty School” yearbook in 1989.

Anyhoo, being out of high school I was actually attending “beauty school”  in 1989. Well, at least for the first few weeks of it … because I QUIT that thing early in 1989. Oy veh. I learned real fast that standing on my feet 8 hours a day and dealing with old people and their hair … and touching the nasty feet of said old people for pedicures … uh-hem. Yeah, that is NOT for me folks!  So I dropped out … of beauty school … yeah, I’m THAT girl.  Does the song “Beauty School Drop Out” from the movie Grease go off in your head about now? It should … my family has sung that to me for years.

Nuff said.  Ok, back to the show!

They say the mind is the first thing to go … and I believe them!!  ‘Cuz I don’t really remember doing much in 1989 except working with my mom at the pharmacy [since I quit Beauty School] and jamming with friends to the sounds of Wham!, Poison, and Tears for Fears … oh, and laying on the beach spreading baby oil all over my body and squirting lemon juice in my hair. Hey, don’t judge … it’s how we rolled back then. [Yes, my skin is paying for it today!]

I do remember also spending quite a bit of time just being with my friends and family. Oh, and my church … like when we had a rockin’ fun sock-hop!!  I may or may not have won the limbo contest that night … truthfully I can’t actually remember who won [the mind thing going again].  But I DO remember doing the limbo!! And laughing my butt off at everyone else doing it as well! Ah, once again the memories!!

doc20121105082232_001 doc20121105082251_001 doc20121105082314_001

I also remember vividly seeing two movies that came out that year.

The first being Batman with Michael Keaton.  At the time this movie was released the effects of that movie were like awesome, new, and exciting.  I loved that movie.  I also loved Michael Keaton.  #secretcrushconfession.  I remember thinking “Man, he has great lips!!” and immediately buying a poster and hanging it in my room!!


1989 is also the  year that Steel Magnolias came out for the first time.  Oh my friends.  My, my, my.  To this day that remains one of my all time favorite movies.  I laughed, cried, cheered, booed … but secretly loved … Ouiser [Shirley MacLaine].  Everything about that movie screams my name 🙂  Uh-hem.  Hold that thought.  I think I want to go watch it right now and finish this post later … just kidding … or am I??

*** *** *** *** ***

Ah-so.  The memories of 1989. A year of not really much of anything. Just a year of really BIG hair, what I considered great music, and really just a year of finding myself and figuring out who I wanted to be … still trying to figure that last one out 🙂

Who knows why I posed for this in 1989 … #bighair80’s

What about you?  Where were you in 1989 and what were you doing?  Join the party below and share the deets 🙂

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