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I Want a Mac Daddy

You’re probably asking yourself by that title …

WHAT? I thought this lady was a Christian. What on earth is she doing writing about a Mac Daddy??

Well, my friends, just calm yerselves down.  Hold on there just a minute.

Yes, to some folks a Mac Daddy could be referring to a certain type of man that, let’s say, may or may not happen to employ a handful of women … and those women, let’s say, just may or may not happen to do things that we deem not so respectable 🙂

Uh-hum. Yeah.  Moving on.

But to many folks … especially those who listen to TobyMac I Want a Mac Daddy would be referring to a Macintosh Computer and would also be the title to my son’s new favorite song.  Check it out here:

Yep, “Mac Daddy [Tru’s Reality]” is the title of a song off TobyMac’s newest cd, “Eye on It”.  And what a cd it is!!  What started out as a purchase for the entire family to enjoy has now become 100% owned by my son 🙂  If we are in the car – that cd is playing.  And if we are hanging at home – that kid is singing these songs!!

And this mama could not be happier with that.

Oh, I know that there are some folks that don’t allow their children to listen to TobyMac. I know of a few personally.  They have made statements to me like “He sold out” or “He’s just a wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

And I guess that is their opinion.
And I guess they are 100% entitled to their own opinion.
This is America after-all.

However, I personally disagree with them.  In my mind, it’s like this:


Take a bucket.
Invert a glass upside down in said bucket.
Fill the bucket with water around the glass.
Remove the glass from the bucket.

What do you get?
Do you get a bucket of water with a big gaping hole where the glass used to be?
Or does the hole get filled in with water when you remove the glass?

I picture it being like that in our children’s lives. If there is something you don’t approve of [like music, or movies, or holidays] and you remove that item from their lives … and there really are things you should remove!! … then it is my opinion that you need to find something you do agree with to replace it.

Plain and simple … if YOU don’t … then THEY will.

That is why I approve of, and encourage, TobyMac.

Most of his music may not be to my personal taste … can anyone say “headache music” … just kidding …


… but his lyrics are positive and point to Jesus or at least what Jesus wants us to live like.

In fact, I even have a favorite song on this new cd.  It’s a duet with LeCrae … and that thud sound you now hear … well, that would be my family falling out of their chairs because I actually like a “fast loud” song 🙂  It’s the lyrics man!  It’s the lyrics that get me.  LOVE the lyrics!!

Yep, the lyrics on this cd are great.  From the song “Me Without You” where he talks about what his life would be like without Jesus … to “Speak Life” where he reminds us that our words are important and we should use them to encourage and not tear down … to “Unstoppable” where he reminds us that it’s better to take heat for Jesus than cave to the world … to even “Mac Daddy” where he teaches his son that an Apple computer is not just given to him because they are rich, and he is alive, and breathing, and his child.  It must be earned.

Yep, my friends.  A cd full of positive lyrics!!  You won’t get that with certain other popular musicians today that may or may not have “Lady” or “$” or “a state name” in their title.

I guess a fast way to sum up why I support TobyMac in our home is this:

if the beat is hip –
the kids will listen to it –

and if the kids listen to it –
then they will sing along to it –

and if the kids sing along with it … well, now, the kids will have positive lyrics about Jesus stuck in their little noggins instead of lyrics telling them to …. well, we all know what lyrics today tell our kids to do.

and actually, if they listen to it – and sing along with it – and love it – then they will share it in all sorts of ways. That in turn means they are actually opening the door to sharing their faith. And to this mama that really matters!


Sound off … what is YOUR favorite TobyMac song??

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