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Puzzled on How to be a Pen Pal

Not too long ago two of my besties moved … BOTH besties … at the same time … to two different far away lands … aagghh. To make it worse, they actually took her children with them. Imagine that 🙂 Yep, took their children with them leaving behind my very sad little boy [insert pouty face here].

After hearing more than once about his pals moving, and after watching the excitement on his face as he reads his one bud’s blog, I decided that it was time for a solution. Mom to the rescue!

Mom: “No biggie about your buds leaving, just become pen pals!”

Son: “What’s a pen pal?”

Mom: “What? Are you kidding me? [mom mumbles under breath] What is wrong with kids today”

So, we began the lesson on what being a pen pal means. And because he’s a boy and thinks “that sounds lame” I had to come up with a cool and fun way of doing this. Enter Pinterest.

Pinterest? Are you surprised? If you know me, you shouldn’t be!! Ha!

So best buddies in two far away lands, and those of you looking for fun ways to write letters, this is what we came up with …

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Yes, you see the words “fart fruit” on my son’s letter. Those who know my friends know what that means. It’s a boy thing … it’s a foreign country thing … you have to be there 🙂

Of course, if you don’t have a silhouette you could just take a real puzzle and trace the pieces with light pencil and then cut it out by hand. That works too!!

There you have it my friends! Once your letter is all puzzled up into pieces just slide all the pieces into an envelope and mail that puppy off. Of course, I expect emails from the best bud mommy’s soon with not so many nice words because they get stuck putting the puzzle together .. tee hee. Maybe that’s my way of payback for leaving me behind 🙂

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